Welcome to the Logistics Skills Transparency project's Website!

As the transport and logistics sector becomes more and more specialised, the need for professional training is growing. Coordinated by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, “Logistics Skills Transparency” is a Transfer of Innovation project part of the Leonardo da Vinci programme, a sub-programme of the LifeLong Learning programme, that brings together partners from Luxembourg, Slovakia, Bulgaria, France and Italy with the aim of creating training programmes for warehouse manager and freight handler jobs.

The project results will help contribute to promoting the use of the European ECVET system as well as to creating professional standards and setting up coaching in this new method for trainers.

2 jobs selected :

  • Warehouse manager (pharmaceutic)
  • Warehouse operator (perishable goods)

For each one of them:

  • Drawing up of a qualification framework
  • Conversion into Learning Outcomes using the EQF descriptors (knowledge, skills and competences)
  • Allocation of ECVET credit points

More info about the project, the expected results, the targets and how to contact the project partners.